I used to believe…

…In the Year of Change

I grew up thinking America was a secure, and wonderful place. I grew up thinking people got along and were happy in this country. I grew up thinking this was my home. I was naive… In this country, people are murdered simply for their skin color and the socio-economic background they were forced into by the powers that be. What is even worse is that these crimes are committed by the people who were supposed to protect us, who were supposed to keep us safe.

But no, in this country, the only ones who are safe are those at the top, the corrupt politicians and the big business that puts them in power. The 1% of our society.

In this country, there is no life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. In reality, we never truly have had that ‘American dream’ which is promised to us. Rather, it is an illusion, one given to us in order to create and maintain the late stage capitalism which is keeping the elite in power. We are a people that live in a nation in fear of upheaval, a nation corrupted by the dollar, the greed of an oligarch, and a nation that proves its own hypocrisy through its desire to change regimes and promote “freedom” when we can’t even give our own people a chance to succeed.

I want our country back, the one I used to think was pure. But maybe it was never meant to be. Maybe the great nation I thought existed was never meant to be under the systems in place. But for now, I hold my head high. Because finally I have found confidence in my voice and my ability to change the injustice in our society. I will no longer let this chaos continue, and neither should you. Everyone can make a difference; we all have a voice and that alone is one of the most powerful things humanity has ever had. Let’s use that voice, and make the change we want to see.

How do we do that? We act. Promote civil disobedience against this oppressive regime we currently live in. Work on more direct methods of outreach and speak from the heart like I am now. Spread the word on anti-capitalism and other leftist works, work on improving the conditions of our communities and fight for our community’s interests and needs.

I feel this inspiration due to the environment around me. The situations I have grown up in, for my whole life I have never been in a comfortable financial situation. I have had to live in a family forced to live paycheck-to-paycheck. But the establishment has done little to help. And the worst thing is that I’m not the only one. Millions of Americans and billions worldwide are suffering from the same problem. But no longer, I know we can build a better world.

I shouldn’t have to be saying this, I am just a kid… a 14 year old who had to grow up in a corrupt nation; I have had to grow up in a family that has forever been kicked in the shin by the capitalist economy we live under, we have struggled many times to afford proper medical care and for a while even food nearly became a scarcity. My own mother who has worked furiously hard ever since I was born to succeed never truly has made it due to the lack of an ultra-expensive college education… I didn’t deserve this, my family doesn’t deserve this, YOU don’t deserve this. And the fact that I am the one making this statement in itself is shining light on the true illnesses our country suffers. Our country right now is corrupt and broken. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.

I didn’t get this confidence randomly, I have to thank Bernie Sanders. The man who inspired my activism and my confidence in my voice. If it weren’t for him I may never have gotten as invested in politics as I have. He helped me find my voice even if it was indirectly. I am eternally grateful for that. I hope to inspire change to the same extent he has. If I do and it changes for the better, I will know my purpose in life was fulfilled. Thank you Bernie. As he called me to rise, now I will attempt to do the same with you.

I call for the workers and oppressed people of this country to rise, rise up and break your chains! I call for a general strike against our capitalist overlords and for civil disobedience against our establishment oppressors. But I must say violence isn’t the answer right now. That doesn’t mean we cannot apply pressure to the powers that be. We will unite and raise our fists in solidarity against this oppressive regime we live under! Let’s take ACTION! Action against the capitalist and establishment oppressors.

I, and so many others, have had to grow up in an unjust and unfair society… One that didn’t have to be. I, and all of the youth, of today still have time to see a world where the sins of the current regime have been removed, a world that is better. And if I, a kid, can envision and make the effort to make a better world, so can you.

- G. James